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Eric Thomas & Associates

Secrets to Greatness II

$70.00 USD

First journey with Eric Thomas as he shares with you his story of homelessness, disappointment, and pain and how it shaped him into the man that he is today.

Then get ready for Eric's sophomore book Greatness Is Upon You, where he teaches you 24 life changing principles on how to move your game from the bottom to the top!

 Average Skill Phenomenal Will is the latest life-changing offering by Eric Thomas! It's ok if you have average skill because, if you have Phenomenal Will, the world can be yours! I know it's hard to believe but, Eric has always said he has "average skill." What makes all the difference is his "Phenomenal Will!"  If you want to live the life you've always dreamed about, lose the weight, excel in school, murder the competition and rule the business world, look no further! Average Skill Phenomenal Will is the book Eric wrote, just for you! 


Bundle 1- One Unsigned copy of The Secret to SuccessGreatness Is Upon You, and Average Skill Phenomenal Will