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God's Purpose For Me - Over - Other's Opinions Of Me T- Shirt

$34.99 USD

When you put the opinions of others above God’s plan for you, you're basically telling your authentic self, you are not valued.

When your self-worth is tied to the yo-yo of what other people think of you and your decisions, that’s a miserable place to be. When they approve of you, you’re on top of the world, and when they disapprove of you, you feel like crap.

Experts say that being yourself and risking people not liking you is better than experiencing the stress and tension that results from bending over backwards to please others.

In fact, the songs says
God has a plan for me
The best that it can be
If I trust, I will see
His plan a reality.
Godʼs plan is good for me
No better could there be
If I trust, I will see
His plan a reality
God has a plan for me.

May this shirt remind you, God has a plan for you that’s greater than man's opinion of you!!!