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Eric Thomas

Greatness Is Upon You Success Journal

$19.99 USD

Greatness Is Upon You is Eric Thomas' highly anticipated sophomore release!  Get 24 life changing principles to help you grow personally and professionally as you strive to achieve your goals.  Designed to literally help you think and work through challenges that we all face on a daily basis, in this book, Eric mentors you and gives you techniques to defeat the odds; provides you with daily exercises; asks you thought provoking questions; and shares with you stories, events, and people who he attributes as being iconic in the arena of SUCCESS.  Each lesson brings readers one step closer to the unyielding truth behind Eric's message: Greatness Is Upon You…act like it.  
The GIUY Success Journal allows those who are truly serious about redefining their course, to follow along with Eric on his journey on a more intimate and thought provoking level.  Get bonus activities and exercises, summary notes, and more…