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Eric Thomas & Associates

The Secret Behind The Secret To Success: The Promise Delayed Not Denied

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Discover the Secret Behind The Secret, as  Eric Thomas' mother shares the rest of their amazing story

Eric's mother, Vernessa Thomas, has written her first book entitled;  “The Secret Behind The Secret To Success.” From growing up on the South Side of Chicago to meeting Eric's biological father, Mrs. Thomas chronicles all the struggles, conflicts and challenges from without and within that ultimately lead to Eric leaving the house, dropping out of High School and, starting on his path of desperation, exploration, and success.  "The Secret Behind The Secret To Success," takes readers along for the journey and allows them to witness these events as they happened and from a perspective that only, "Momma T," can provide. The rawness of Eric's truth laid bare in "The Secret To Success" was hard to revisit but, after reading it, she knew in time, she would need to respond. That time has finally come. "The Secret Behind The Secret to Success," answers every question and, fills in every blank. You thought you knew it all but, you have no idea.